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A new Active Design animated film has been launched alongside further case studies, published by Sport England on 5th April 2017. You can take a look at these online at

The animation is intended to help engage more people in the principles of Active Design, hoping to reach out to new audiences as well as those already using it. DLA have provided input to our client Sport England in the preparation of the animated film as part of our on-going support on said design project. The Planning for Sport Team at Sport England have introduced the animation as follows:

“The animation follows one person’s story as the environment around them changes and starts to adopt the 10 principles of Active Design. The animation takes a more holistic view and promotes the idea of activity, health and stronger communities being achieved through the way we design and build our towns and cities.”

Three new case studies (of a planned five) have also been published, DLA have also been assisting Sport England in the preparation of these case studies, the design work led by DLA’s Paul Farrell.

Following the publication of the Active Design report (2015) DLA and Sport England are actively promoting Active Design with presentations and workshops for councils, developers and other stakeholders and Active Design was shortlisted as a finalist in the Royal Town Planning Institute’s (RTPI) Awards for Planning Excellence 2016. The animation and case studies continue the promotion and next steps include work on further case studies and assisting Sport England with a second film that will examine the Ten Principles of Active Design in more detail.

Image courtesy of Sport England.