DLA Appoint New Chairman - David Lock Associates

Julia Foster

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From 1st June 2017, David Keene, who has been with David Lock Associates (DLA) since 2001 and has been Deputy Chairman since 2013, will become Chairman.

Will Cousins, who joined the company in 1990, steps down as Chairman but will remain a Partner. 

Julia Foster, Managing Partner said: “We don’t feel bound by the conventions of the traditional board room and like to take a proactive approach to shaping roles to meet the opportunities and challenges of the day and ensure we continue to lead in our field.  We review senior roles every few years to share the responsibility of management and ensure individuals can continue to pursue their professional vocation.    At the same time as many of our major projects are on site, strategic scale master planning is seeing a renaissance; it is a moment of opportunity for DLA.  We are working hard to innovate in the analysis, design and communication of ideas for big geographies and connect this to delivery on the ground.  Will Cousins will continue to focus his experience and skills on this aspect of our work and to develop and expand new design talent within our core business and our associated enterprises. 

It is also now appropriate for us to look ahead to how the business will operate in the longer term.  Over the last two years we have expanded the Partners Board and will continue to do so.  As Chairman, David Keene takes on the operation of the Board with a priority to guide new Partners in realising their individual and collective potential to run and grow the business in the future.”

David Keene said: “I am looking forward to my new role and helping fine tune the practical operations of a talented Board to address the continually changing market.”