Wintringham St Neots

Andrew Fisher

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David Lock Associates has submitted a hybrid planning application to Huntingdonshire District Council, on behalf of Urban&Civic, for a mixed-use urban extension near St Neots.

The application for Wintringham includes plans for 2,800 new homes, up to 63,500 sqm of employment development, a District Centre including shops, services, community and health uses, and a Local Centre. A temporary school and two permanent Primary schools will also be built with open space, play areas, recreation facilities and landscaping. Additionally, strategic access improvements will be made including new access points from Cambridge Road and the A428.

Located on the eastern edge of St Neots, Wintringham is made up of 162 hectares of principally agricultural land; approximately 1.5km from the Town Centre, it will form a key part of the eastern gateway to the town.