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David Lock Associates (DLA) has had success on appeal in overturning a decision by Cherwell District Council to refuse reserved matters approval for three dwellings on a site at Stratton Audley, near Bicester, Oxfordshire.

DLA’s client, Mr John O’Neill, had outline permission to replace a Dutch barn on the site, which lies on the edge of the Conservation Area, with three dwellings, but the Council had concerns about the height, design and layout of two of the dwellings and their impact on the setting of the historic core of the village.

Following a site inspection, the Inspector allowed the appeal on the basis that the layout would be in keeping with the rural character of the area, the agricultural history of the site and the wider Conservation Area. The Inspector also considered that the scheme would remove the large, bulky barn, reinforce local distinctiveness and be consistent with the NPPF and Local Plan policies.