At DLA we are committed to delivering intelligent and creative solutions for the challenges that our clients bring to us. We believe that everyone has a right to a good home in an environment that is both inspiring and safe, and we are committed to seeing our projects built. Our skills have expanded with the knowledge and experience to make this happen.

What we say………

We’re in business to do good planning and urban design, not in planning and urban design simply to do business.”

Our business is built on our enthusiasm for what we do, and a drive to do it better.  Understanding what makes a place work well and applying the “Would you live there and would you invest?” test are important to us.

What our clients say……….

It’s the quality of their thinking that really sets them apart

Our clients know they can throw complex problems at us and we will come back with solutions that work. Debate and discussion around our projects and the challenges we face is part of our working day.

They’re always on time, they’re professional… But above all they’re normal people! With a good sense of humour!”

We forge long-standing relationships with clients because we understand what they need and we can make it happen.

“Their planning and urban design skills are second to none”

We maintain the highest professional standards within our team. We balance technical excellence with great advocacy skills to ensure our clients receive the best possible support in meeting their objectives.

Our ethos images

Milton Keynes is important to us

Milton Keynes is our scrapbook as well as our home and our workplace. Its embodiment of garden city principles, contemporary design, inspiring landscape, innovative economic planning and co-ordinated delivery, that have made it such a success, remain highly relevant to the UK’s development challenges today.