At DLA we recognise that it’s not just our meticulous attention to detail and our innovative approach to new development concepts that secures sign-up to planning proposals. How those plans are communicated to the diverse audiences involved plays a key role, and we have built an outstanding in-house capability to ensure we achieve this. We ensure our graphic communication has impact and is of the highest quality as well as relevant for each audience.

DLA is at the forefront of stakeholder engagement in planning and development. We plan and run stakeholder and public workshops, design consultation websites, produce high quality exhibitions, and devise consultation strategies for complex development proposals on behalf of our clients. Our collaborative approach to master planning has led us to develop successful in-house techniques for design workshops.

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Norwich : City Centre South Regeneration Strategy

  • Location : Norwich
  • Client : Norwich City Council & the Homes and Communities Agency
  • Site Area : City Centre
Key Proposals:

To secure the participation of a wide cross section of the community and encourage their active involvement in shaping the proposals. To ensure the community was kept informed of emerging plans, and remained engaged with the design process and informed of the end results.


A high degree of public and stakeholder support was garnered for the proposals through the engagement process and achieved through a combination of workshops, open ‘Design Studios’, exhibitions and a range of advertising and publicity. A dedicated project website, designed by DLA, was an essential component of these engagement efforts.

Portrait Caroline B“The events programme, branding, publicity and website designed for the project successfully communicated with the public and other stakeholders, facilitating their engagement and keeping participants informed during all project stages.”

Caroline Brown, Senior Associate

Alconbury Weald

Alconbury Weald : Housing & Economic Growth Combined

  • Location : Alconbury
  • Client : Urban & Civic
  • Site Area : 575ha former airfield site in Huntingdonshire
Key Proposals:

Full Outline Planning Application material for the overall sites and various Full Permissions for smaller sites – these requiring report, cover design and supporting plans.  Full Design and Discovery day exhibition attended by over 2,000 visitors and using 53m of exhibition material.


A fully illustrated overall site master plan and associated plans. A fully illustrated Design Code document for Key Phase 1 of the site, and associated documents for the Planning Application. The creation of illustrative material to convey what life might be like in the new development.

Portrait Natasha P“The Alconbury Weald project has been an exciting design challenge. The wide variety of material that has been produced is a testament to the complexity and the excitement of the project. From interesting montages depicting future lifestyles for the community, to the 53m of exhibition material that was designed for the Design and Discovery day; Alconbury continues to engage people and change minds about future development.”

Natasha Pile, Associate


Guiyang, China

  • Location : Guizhou Province
  • Client : Guizhou Hongyi Real Estates Development Ltd.
  • Site Area : 278ha in South West China
Key Proposals:

The master plan’s aim was to establish an important eco-leisure and tourism destination, anchored by a central business district including 12 million sq m of development, with low carbon eco-neighbourhoods for 450,000 residents served by public transport.


The design concept was firmly rooted in the site’s natural character, using mountains, water and forest as key structuring elements.

Mark Pg“The scale and location of the proposals demanded a dynamic approach to graphic design which conveyed the core messages behind the project whilst stirring interest and excitement about what could be achieved in such a stunning location.”

Mark Prestige, Senior Associate