We have amassed widespread experience in regeneration and we continue to push boundaries to create effective regeneration plans and strategies for public and private sector clients.

Town and city centre master plans

Our town and city centre master plans strike a considered balance between ambition and pragmatism. Questions of economy, viability, delivery, place quality, social inclusion and sustainability play a role in producing high quality plans for urban regeneration.

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Development plan documents

We have extensive experience of embedding regeneration master plans and framework plans in strong policy frameworks, including Supplementary Planning Documents, Area Action Plans and Town Centre Local Plans.

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Urban regeneration strategies

In these post-recession times the emphasis in regeneration is no longer on the grand vision but on achieving sustained recovery and growth. Our regeneration plans are based on identifying viable opportunities for redevelopment via a multitude of partner organizations.

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Housing Renewal

In close collaboration with local communities we generate plans and strategies for the regeneration of neighbourhoods and for housing renewal. Effective techniques in consultation, an ability to address complex land use and housing challenges and an understanding of social issues lie at the heart of our effectiveness.

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