As urban architects, our knowledge and expertise in urban design and master planning ensures development proposals are viable, deliverable, attract support and create great places. We prepare master plans at all scales and levels of detail, from concept to detailed design.



Visioning is a key tool in establishing credible concepts for development and ‘place making’. We balance creativity with pragmatism to ensure that our visioning work is well pitched and capable of translation into deliverable plans. Our graphic design service ensures that our visioning work is presented to an exceptional standard.

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Master planning

Our reputation as one of the leading master planning consultancy companies in the UK is derived from our consistent application of design excellence, a desire to make great places for people to live and work, and an in-depth knowledge of the development industry. Our master plans translate into robust parameter plans for planning application purposes.

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Development framework plans

Flexible and adaptable framework plans to promote and guide change and decision making over a longer period of time pave the way for successful development or redevelopment, particularly where land ownership is fragmented. Our framework plans often underpin statutory policy documents.

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Site layouts

We produce site layouts based on our master plans to secure the discharge of reserved matters. Our layouts embody best practice in urban design and aim to create excellent places for people to live, work and play.

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Design and access statements

Our Design & Access Statements (DAS) are clear and informative documents which clearly set out our design approach and establish design principles for development. Our DASs are compiled to a very high standard, expertly illustrated throughout.

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Design codes and development briefs

We apply a robust and refined methodology to the production of design codes and development briefs, honed over many years of working alongside our clients to implement schemes.

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District and local centre design

We create plans for viable and vibrant community hubs capable of meeting the needs of local people, and becoming valued local places.

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Urban design frameworks

An urban design framework distils the key design elements from a master plan to communicate design ambitions and inform place-making and detailed design.

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Landscape and public realm frameworks

Our landscape and public realm work is integral to our master planning and development framework plans. It seeks to convey a holistic approach to all elements of the built environment.

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