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Worcester City Centre Master Plan Vision

  • Location : Worcester, Worcestershire
  • Client : Worcester Alliance (LSP) including Worcester City Council
  • Site Area : Worcester City Centre
Key Proposals:

DLA prepared a master plan as the basis for the regeneration of the city centre, addressing matters such as movement and connectivity, public realm, development potential and waterfront. The process included a series of workshops to test scenarios around the location of economic growth, and investment in sustainable travel.


The master plan presents a series of recommended interventions to overcome some significant hurdles to regeneration and investment.

Portrait Joanne C“If the City can successfully tackle some of the pressing problems currently affecting the City Centre, it can pave the way for inward investment, more sustainable forms of development and travel, and better protection of its historic environment. The Vision document provides a framework for detailed initiatives, and DLA is delighted to have worked with the City on this important project.”

Jo Cave, Partner


Southampton’s City Renaissance

  • Location : Southampton, Hampshire
  • Client : Southampton City Council
  • Site Area : City Centre of Southampton
Key Proposals:

DLA led a high profile team of consultants on the project which involved engineers, architects and surveyors. The proposals looked at a wide range of issues from transportation, flood defences, the arrival at the rail station to revitalising the retail circuit. A key component was developing a public realm strategy with internationally recognised Gehl Architects.


A major focus of the master plan was to look at the low density retail area adjoining the Docks and significantly, how to reconnect the City with its waterfront, principally around Royal pier and Mayflower Park. An important feature of the final plan was the identification of VIPs – Very Important Projects, those projects which would have impact and be critical in transforming the City Centre as it is today.

Portrait Steve H“Southampton is such a dynamic City to work in, it has great physical assets including two distinctive waterfronts. The process of working with the City Council and its stakeholders helped create a plan which harnessed the City’s full potential. The master plan is already having a positive effect on the City”.

Steve Haines, Partner


Sunderland : Central Area Urban Design Strategy

  • Location : Sunderland
  • Client : Sunderland City Council and Sunderland ARC
  • Site Area : City Centre
Key Proposals:

The Urban Design Strategy drawing together a number of proposals and studies within a single, overarching document. Provides strategic design guidance for built form and public realm, as well as identifying specific public realm and development interventions and opportunities.


Strategy adopted by Sunderland City Council as a supplementary planning document. Used to develop and assess proposals and projects as they come forward within the City. Detailed 3-D digital model of the central area covered by the Strategy also prepared to enable proposals to be fully assessed within the context of the City’s topography and townscape.

Portrait Matt Lap“Working with a group of city stakeholders the strategy establishes a unifying vision for Sunderland identifying overarching design principles as well as specific proposals. A high degree of consensus was reached meaning that the strategy could be adopted by the city council.”

Matthew Lappin, Partner