Swindon New Eastern Villages

Francesca Parmenter

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Phase One of Swindon New Eastern Villages Development wins support.Swindon Borough Council has resolved to grant planning consent for development proposals, submitted on behalf of Hallam Land Management, Hannick Homes & Developments and Taylor Wimpey UK, for phase one of the ‘New Eastern Villages’ development allocated in Swindon Borough Council’s Local Plan, which, when complete, will comprise some 8,000 new homes, employment, retail, education, and leisure uses associated infrastructure. 

The application proposals submitted by David Lock Associates, deliver two new communities as part of an expanded South Marston and Rowborough village extension,  totalling up to 2,380 homes; a new primary school and additional primary school places; mixed-use areas including small-scale retail and local employment; a green infrastructure framework comprising sports pitches, allotments and children’s play, areas of biodiversity and flood attenuation and drainage; and an integrated movement network that comprises local highway interventions and new and improved pedestrian and cycle links.

DLA, on behalf of the applicants, continues to work with the Council to secure the s106 agreement and on implementation matters to enable the timely delivery of the first phase of the comprehensive growth planned at the New Eastern Villages.