Building Council Homes: Programme Study for Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council was successfully awarded grant funding from the Local Government Association’s Building Homes Programme to procure specialist advice to assist in the acceleration and extension of the delivery of homes via the Council’s Housing Revenue Account.

Part of the grant has been used to commission David Lock Associates (DLA) to consider how social housing can play a key role in delivering large scale developments across the City with some focus on the tenure mix for particular developments. This work will build on the findings of the Greater Nottingham Housing Need Assessment (HNA).

Through the examination of local evidence and consultation with stakeholders, DLA will deliver strategic analysis and recommendations regarding the balance of tenure and optimum levels of social housing on new larger developments. One of the key outputs will be a model that can be used to compare local housing need against the optimum mix dictated by the viability/deliverability of any proposals, allowing the best balance of type and tenure overall. Partnership models for delivery will also be considered as part of the work to see if delivery outcomes can be improved through collaboration with the private sector.

The process will enable NCC to ensure that future plans/developments lead to wise investment of the City’s Housing Revenue Account, futureproof the sustainability of council stock and therein the availability of affordable housing.

The study is scheduled for completion in late Spring 2020.