CHLOE shortlisted for Planning Awards 2019

DLA’s masterplanning tool CHLOE has been shortlisted in the 2019 Planning Awards for ‘Use of New Technology in Planning’.

Developed in-house by DLA, CHLOE is an interactive mapping and reporting tool that promotes discussion and engagement by allowing its users to engage and contribute to the design process.

Ideally suited to Community Stakeholder workshops and/or Public Consultation events, CHLOE provides a platform for participants and local people to consider development that is appropriate, proportionate and that they feel best represents the existing community’s needs.

As proposals are built up tile-by-tile, live updates are reported back to guide the user through the design process allowing them to make informed decisions about education provision, open space standards, community facilities and employment types/jobs to ensure that the development in question is sustainable and that the area’s needs are met.

Users can customise assumptions for each site, including: residential densities, household size and child yield and open space standards allowing different scenarios to be tested, recorded and compared. A togglable layer can show or hide the site’s constraints and opportunities, such as: drainage, topography, existing nearby facilities, green infrastructure and transport to provide more detailed information to the user about the area in question.

The Awards evening takes place on June 4th. More details can be found here