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Take a tour of DLA’s Digital Studio, where you can view the skills and capabilities that enhance our planning and urban design offer, making it distinctive, innovative and market leading.

Our planning and urban design teams work closely with colleagues in our communication and mapping team to strengthen our core business and deliver exciting opportunities to achieve more effective and efficient project outcomes.

These include:


From hand rendering to computer generated our techniques change and evolve through the planning and design process to present projects across all media channels and in the ‘real’ world, reaching all stakeholders and participants including those that can often be hard to reach.


Our models bring ideas to life, making for better communication. 3D models help people to understand scale and context. These techniques allow us to tell stories, win support and establish a direction of travel.


By introducing a clear visual identity or brand for a project, we can help to convey a level of ambition and quality. From single reports, to whole planning applications, websites and exhibitions, branding can aid orientation and build confidence in a scheme, as well as making it easier for other professionals, local planning authorities, stakeholders and the public to clearly understand proposals.


We produce compelling promotional videos that help to communicate key project messages. Our videos can encompass our various in-house toolkit outputs in drone work, 3D flythroughs and bespoke animation. Video and animation are a very adaptable way of communicating the vision for a project.


The Covid19 pandemic has moved so much interaction to the virtual realm. The 2020 Planning White Paper indicates that it is here to stay. Our suite of digital consultation techniques offers a menu of options for our clients, allowing you to choose the approach that will best meet the needs of your engagement strategy. Whether you are looking to mirror a static exhibition, or run a responsive website, we can create something that is tailored specifically to your needs, or for a simpler approach, customise a pre-designed template.


Immerse yourself into a virtual room. A 360 degree panorama of a virtual exhibition room. Use DLA’s standard template or fully customise your room to your exact requirements.


Something a bit different to the usual vertical-scrolling website, scroll sideways through an exhibition to view content. Detailed content is accessed via the animated information icons.


DLA have created a fully-customisable set of templates to meet your project’s branding requirements; incorporating everything you would expect from a ‘traditional’ website.


Opportunities to consult face to face with stakeholders and the public are as relevant as many of the digital consultation alternatives. We can tailor stakeholder and public engagement strategies in response to the requirements of individual projects. We are skilled in designing and leading exhibitions, workshops, stakeholder forums and much more. Incorporating our project branding onto multimedia, printed materials, banners, pop up displays and online services. Our public exhibitions can offer our clients a great way to showcase projects through DLAs varied engagement toolkit.


CHLOE has allowed hundreds of workshop participants to engage in ‘hands-on’ masterplanning. Our intuitive, web-based tool is designed to build an understanding of the choices involved in designing new places, and allows us to capture key themes for our ongoing design work. Ideally suited to Community Stakeholder workshops and/or Public Consultation events, CHLOE provides a platform for community stakeholders and local people to consider development that is appropriate, proportionate and that they feel best represents the existing community’s needs.


So much more than constraints mapping! GIS is integral to our practice, and we use it extensively to map, analyse, communicate and manage complex, geographically referenced data sets. GIS has become central to much of our practice’s work, strengthening our capabilities at the strategic scale in particular.


We use drone photography in a number of ways; from ensuring we have the most up-to-date site surveys, to incorporating photographs into our urban and graphic designer’s illustations and visualisations. Photogrammetry techniques allow us to create accurate 3D photorealistic site models.

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