DLA launches the Digital Studio


We are delighted to be launching the DLA Digital Studio! For years we have been working on techniques that support and enhance our core business, Town Planning and Urban Design. Our in-house communication and mapping team are in the unique position of understanding the ‘planning world,’ and use their skills to create effective tools that enhance our offering.

Effective consultation is an essential part of shaping the places we make. DLA’s communication and mapping team has been at the forefront of digital consultation trends in many of our recent projects, and this has expanded even further as the pandemic has pushed more of us to communicate solely through online platforms.

Looking past Covid times, digital consultation opens up new possibilities to communicate messages and gather opinions from broad cross-sections of society. Tailored to your engagement strategy our menu of solutions can all be adapted to suit individual needs and unique project demands.  Please visit our 3D Digital Studio to explore our digital consultation offer along with many of our other consultation tools and in-house skills.

Communication and Mapping Team

Please explore the Digital Studio here: