Gavray Meadows CIC Consultation Event

DLA is pleased to be supporting L&Q Estates and the local community in setting-up an innovative Community Interest Company (CIC) to secure the future of Gavray Meadows in Bicester.

Gavray Meadows is a Local Wildlife Site within the long-standing Gavray Drive residential allocation in Cherwell District.  The site has a long and complex planning history.  Most recently, a planning application for 250 homes alongside the retention and enhancement of the wildlife site was submitted following over a year of constructive work with a dedicated ecology stakeholder group.

Setting up a CIC is the next step in securing it’s future whilst delivering planning permission for the wider residential development, balancing ecological and housing need. A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community only.  It will be owned by the local population who will become custodians of the Meadows and implement a management plan alongside the housing development.  Its purpose will be to protect, conserve and enhance the environment and biodiversity of Gavray Meadows. On Saturday an open event will be held to attract members to join the CIC, explain its functions with guided tours of the Meadows.