Helping to Create the Next Generation of Placemakers

We recently took a team of our planners and designers to a local secondary school, with Hallam Land, and ran workshops with year 9 students looking at how to design and develop a new part of MK. Part of the school’s ‘Connective Learning’ activities (where students apply their learning to real world situations in their local area), the project ran for a week, with groups of students exploring elements of the planning, design and development processes to inform their proposals. Using DLA’s CHLOE land use tool, students built an understanding of the types of infrastructure needed to support new development, interrogated our own professional experiences to add insights to their emerging designs, and explored how projects are financed and marketed.

Both Hallam and DLA have been involved with the selected site over the years and it was a rewarding experience to see what young people felt would make up a sustainable and prosperous community of the future. It was great to be able teach them about elements of the planning and development processes, but an even better opportunity for us to understand what younger generations want from where they live and the towns of tomorrow.

A big thanks to Shenley Brook End School, Hallam Land and of course all of the students who took part in the event.