Lessons in Early Infrastructure Delivery at Houlton

Two major milestones in the delivery of infrastructure at Houlton, Rugby have recently been reached, highlighting Urban&Civic’s ongoing commitment to the early construction of strategic roads and schools to support the new community.

The new canal bridge over the Oxford Canal reached a major milestone this week as the beams were lifted into place. The bridge is a major step in the completion of the Link Road between Houlton and the town centre.

Department for Education funding approval has also now been given for a secondary school at Houlton. The school will be run by the Transforming Lives Educational Trust and is due to open in September 2021, well in advance of the triggers for its delivery within the Houlton Section 106 agreement.

The Grade II listed C Station building will be at the heart of the school development along with three new buildings and sports pitches. Alongside the wider consultant team, DLA will be preparing listed building consent and planning applications for the school scheme over the next few months.

Photograph: Paul Bunyard