Local Development Orders and Enterprise Zones

Enterprise zones were reintroduced in 2011, and a requirement upon acceptance of Enterprise Zone (EZ) status was that local authorities put in place simplified planning procedures such as local development orders (LDOs).

DLA researched local authority websites to understand which EZ sites have (or have had) an adopted LDO.

The research found that: most local authorities had not adopted LDOs to facilitate development in EZ sites; many local authorities who had adopted LDOs had left them to expire; and there has been a general decline in the adoption of LDOs since 2012.

There are likely many reasons for these findings, but without detailed analysis it is assumed, for example, that: other types of planning permission were preferred to facilitate development; there was a lack of skills and knowledge available to adopt LDOs; and there was a lack of pressure from the Government to adopt them.

The Town and Country Planning Regulations only allow for local planning authorities to prepare and adopt LDOs, but developers should be allowed to submit formal LDO proposals for consideration to raise awareness and encourage their use, not only for EZ sites but for other sites and types of development.

You can view the research here.