Mexborough Futures Masterplan

The City of Doncaster Council have produced the Mexborough Futures Masterplan, a comprehensive masterplan to guide future investments and address key challenges in Mexborough Town Centre. The masterplan establishes a clear long-term vision for the town centre, helping the area adapt and benefit from growth opportunities as they arise, prioritising principles for change, growth, and evolution.

David Lock Associates (DLA) on behalf of City of Doncaster Council, undertook a masterplan-led study in Mexborough that identified priority projects for town centre improvement. Engaging with local stakeholders and the community, we produced a comprehensive assessment of the existing town centre, identifying four key areas for intervention: public realm improvements, building re-use, mobility and interchange upgrades, and infrastructure renewal.
Despite its busy High Street, Mexborough faces challenges needing significant investment in its public spaces, key buildings, and services. High vacancy rates and deteriorating landmark structures are among the issues. However, recent developments, such as new homes along the canal and near the railway station, indicate a growing interest in the town. Using the study, working with key stakeholders including Elected Mayor Ros Jones, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) and Ward Councillors, along with 2 rounds of community engagement, the Mexborough Futures Masterplan was produced.

The combined efforts of the consultancy team, Council, stakeholders, and the wider community, have produced a masterplan that will lead to transformative investments for the town centre aiding long-term change and growth for Mexborough.

You can read the full masterplan on the City of Doncaster Council’s website.