New Planning-for-Sport Guidance released

A new guide on how the planning system can help provide opportunities for everyone to be physically active has been published by Sport England.

DLA was commissioned by Sport England, continuing our close relationship created through our original work on Active Design, to help produce the new ‘Planning-for-Sport’ Guidance, which is a full update of the previous version released in 2014.

Responding to both the changing planning landscape since 2014, and a focus on promoting everyday activity as well as formal sport, the guidance sets out Twelve Planning-for-Sport Principles. These principles are focused on every facet of the planning system, seeking to plan positively to enable and support active lifestyles. The principles are also supported by a set of focused actions for those who engage in the planning system, from planning professionals to developers and stakeholders.

DLA Associate Joseph Carr said:
“As an integral part in shaping the places we live, planning has a responsibility to promote healthy places for everyone. We are delighted to contribute to this valuable and enriching guidance, hopefully influencing others to plan and design with health, physical activity and wellbeing at the forefront.”

The updated guidance can be found here.