Outline Application for ‘Hawkwell Village’ Submitted

David Lock Associates has recently submitted, on behalf of Hallam Land Management, an outline application to Cherwell District Council for ‘Hawkwell Village,’ a new community on land to the north-west of Bicester.

The mixed use development proposes up to 3,100 dwellings, a mixed use local centre, employment area, a new primary school and land to allow the extension of the existing Gagle Brook primary school. In excess of 40% of the site is proposed as green infrastructure, explicitly to include sports pitches, parks and recreation area, play spaces, allotments, a burial ground and sustainable drainage. Ground mounted Photovoltaic arrays are also proposed, which will make a significant contribution towards the application proposals addressing climate change and carbon reduction.

The Councils publicity on the application commenced on January 4th 2022 and the application documentation can be viewed here or via the Hawkwell Village website.