Outline Planning Application Submitted for Residential Development at New Eastern Villages

David Lock Associates (DLA) has recently submitted an Outline Planning Application (OPA) on behalf of Hannick Homes & Developments Ltd for residential development at the New Eastern Villages (NEV) in Swindon.

The proposed site, known as ‘Green Land,’ is allocated as part of the NEV and forms the southern extent of Lotmead Village. It shares its northern boundary with Land at Lotmead Farm, which has already received outline planning permission and is currently in the initial stages of development.

The OPA seeks approval for up to 275 homes, which will include affordable housing options, pedestrian and cycle connections, strategic open spaces, areas designated for play, and allotments. These proposals align with the principles for the NEV, ensuring they complement the existing design and distribution of consented land uses at Lotmead Village and create a suitable transition and edge to the village while supporting the broader infrastructure and community priorities of the New Eastern Villages.

DLA has played a long-standing role in the development of the NEV, including both its shaping and delivery. As part of this involvement, DLA has led the planning and masterplanning efforts and coordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) outputs from a wider multidisciplinary team. The collaborative approach has helped evolve a scheme that integrates with the NEV masterplan objectives. Throughout the process, DLA has worked closely with Swindon Borough Council to consider the integration of the Southern Connector Road, which is currently under construction and will connect the various villages within the NEV.

This proposed scheme will play a vital role in supporting the broader delivery of the NEV allocation, providing much-needed housing options while also enhancing connectivity with the wider strategic green infrastructure network.