Priors Hall Marches On

Having negotiated outline planning permission for the Priors Hall development in Corby in March, DLA have now submitted and negotiated approval of details for the first Key Phase of the development.  The Key Phase 1 documentation, approved by the new unitary North Northamptonshire Council, included a Design Code, Delivery Plan and other technical statements.  On behalf of our client, the master developer Urban&Civic, DLA have also secured reserved matters consent for green and grey infrastructure (roads, drainage and landscaping) in Key Phase 1, alongside a scheme for a landscaped gateway into the development from the main access on the A43.  This marks a key milestone in the project, allowing Urban&Civic to commence works on site and housebuilders to submit applications for the first residential parcels.

A separate minerals consent has also been secured by DLA that will allow the extraction of a remaining seam of limestone on site, for use as a building material in the construction of roads within the development.  These works will ensure on-site material is used within the scheme, significantly reducing the number of HGV vehicle movements that would otherwise have been needed to import building material onto the site.