Resolution to Grant Consent for 6,500 New Homes at Waterbeach

South Cambridgeshire District Council yesterday resolved to grant planning permission for a new settlement at Waterbeach Barracks and Airfield, in Cambridgeshire. This represents significant progress towards delivering the proposal.

David Lock Associates is engaged as planning consultant to Urban & Civic (who in turn are development partners to the MOD). DLA assisted U&C in their bid to become development partner in 2014 and have since been pivotal in securing a development plan allocation for the new settlement, an adopted Supplementary Planning Document addressing delivery and now reaching this milestone in respect of an outline planning application for up to 6,500 new homes within an incredible landscape setting. Work now continues on the Section 106 Agreement and an exciting first phase of development.

Urban & Civic’s press release can be viewed here.

Image – Fletcher Priest Architects.