Our practice encompasses five key areas of development and regeneration, all of which engage our core skills in planning, masterplanning and placemaking.

Planning and Designing for Strategic Growth

At the centre of our practice activity since DLA’s inception, we have over 30 years’ experience in taking strategic projects from inception through to construction. Our commitment to regional and sub-regional spatial planning is evident in the legacy of places now gaining critical mass.


Sustainable Urban Extensions & New Settlements

Planning, designing and delivering places where communities and local economies can thrive. We bring a comprehensive view of how spatial, environmental, social, economic and travel opportunities at a given location can be weaved together to achieve this.


Town and City Centres

Our role as planners and urban designers is to help town and city centres to adapt and change, and to support their dynamism through flexible plans and intelligent strategies.



Many of our longstanding projects include retained heritage assets that make a strong and positive contribution to placemaking as well as supporting sustainability as part of development proposals.


Infrastructure, Logistics and Employment

Growth is not just about housing. We plan, design and aid in the delivery of appropriate infrastructure to meet the need of communities, businesses and the economy.


Research and Innovation

We help to develop a robust evidence base to underpin knowledge growth, policy formulation and best practice, and we apply our findings to our own practice. Innovation within our organisation further enhances our service offer to provide comprehensive and effective project outputs.


International Projects

Projections show that future population growth could add another 2.5 billion to world cities by 2050. Cities will need to be responsive by adopting a more sustainable approach to growth.

We combine urban planning, urban design and masterplanning, and work with other technical disciplines where required to ensure that we develop responsive solutions for these global challenges.


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