• Lead planners and masterplanners exploring spatial growth opportunities in the O2C Arc.
  • Initial commission undertaken as part of MK Futures 2050 Visioning, setting an aspiration for Milton Keynes to grow to a population of over 400,000.
  • Prepared a robust evidence study on the scale and directions of growth informed by population growth, geography, and environmental capacity.
  • Explored how long-term trends and changes in the way we live will shape growth, and provided recommendations to find an optimum scale and form of growth and investment for MK.
  • Examined spatial options for coordinated, well planned and integrated growth, maximising economic and physical benefits arising from committed strategic infrastructure projects including East West Rail and Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.
  • DLA has recently been commissioned to work up spatial options and recommendations from the previous studies as part of a Joint Strategic Growth Study led by MK Council with its Partner Authorities Aylesbury Vale and South Northamptonshire Councils.
  • Working with specialist consultants, DLA is leading and shaping the long-term policy framework for the central part of the O2C Arc which will enable the delivery of transformational growth and regeneration set out in the 2050 Vision.
  • Wider than a planning policy document, the Growth Study will shape the spatial aspects of successive development plans, strategic priorities, corporate policies and direction of travel.