• Renaissance Panel was established to steer the project made up of key urban renaissance experts from across the Region, the UK and Europe.
  • As well as being part of the Panel, DLA led town centre visioning and masterplanning projects in Huddersfield and Halifax.
  • Innovative client Town Teams were a key component of the project, made up of representatives from key stakeholders and the public, to inform, challenge and drive forward change. Halifax Town Team is still in place.
  • Organised and facilitated a highly interactive and participative sequence of workshops and events, including a week-long workshop involving forty children from three local primary schools.
  • Significant progress made enhancing the public realm and implementing projects including St George’s Square in Huddersfield and the restored Piece Hall in Halifax.
  • Resulting programme successfully integrated physical enhancement and urban design with culture, the arts, activity and placemaking.