• First stage comprised a Development Capacity Study assembling and mapping constraints to inform an assessment of broad development capacity as a precursor to identifying development options.
  • Produced Development Frameworks for six areas with potential to accommodate significant new or expanded communities meeting housing need in parallel with advancing ambitions in relation to healthy living and quality of life and supporting economic growth.
  • Undertook a HLAA to establish realistic assumptions about the availability, suitability and the likely economic viability of land, including sensitivity analysis, incorporating policy constraints including the Green Belt and employment designations.
  • Utilised a combination of GIS constraints data, site visits, contact with agents and developers, and viability, to get an indicative land supply over 15 years.
  • Produced an adopted Strategic Design Guide SPD aimed at raising design quality in the Borough, identifying development typologies with place-specific guidance for each.
  • Worked alongside the Council to produce a framework for the future development of the Thurrock Lakeside Basin, advising on capacity and opportunities for diversification